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Potential Benefits of the Network Effect For Indian Startups!

Apple proposes 13 new emojis representing users with disabilities

Cambridge Analytics Exposed – YouTube Video

Manish Bhandari Weekly Readings

Facebook knows literally everything about you – TechCrunch

Lawyaw uses AI to help lawyers draft documents faster – TechCrunch

Google Maps now shows how long your restaurant wait will be – CondeNast Traveller

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security, VICE on HBO, Full Episode

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The Benefits of Working Remotely -A Wealth of Common Sense

The Easy Pickings – The IIrrelevantInvestor

Trump’s trade wars begin – BloombergQuint

Kottaram Agro Foods raises Rs 35 Cr; Google jumps on Blockchain bandwagon – YourStory

Walmart files patent applications for drone shopping assistants and smart shopping carts – The Verge

South Korea to shut off computers at 8 PM to stop people working late – Next Big What

The awe-inspiring story of Deepika Kumari, the daughter of a rickshaw driver who dominated the world in archery – YourStory

Inspiring stories of 5 unsung heroes who won the Padma awards this year – YourStory

Introduction to Upanishad – YouTube

The Trap Called Build..Build..Build..and Build… #ProdGeeks Conf – NextBigWhat

Researchers find a new material for quantum computing

Bulgaria rising: Can a growing startup movement reinvent the country’s economy?

Apple could be announcing a new cheap iPad


The South Korean government will shut down employee computers so they leave on time


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There are 2 types of Internet Citizens, often referred as Netizens. A large number of the netizens falls under the first category who consume the content available on the Internet. The minuscule number of people contribute to the net. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t consume.

Lately, I have started being more about how I consume Internet. Especially after I was allowed 1.5 GB of data daily. I had always had a guilt in me because I was always watching some YouTube Videos, Amazon Prime and some series or movies online and consuming more of junk than learning new things and contributing to the Internet.

Therefore, in attempt to control this consumption and to make sure that I contribute I prepared a small framework that I follow.


  • Business Standard Email Digest
  • Economic Times Screening
  • AlphaIdeas LinkFest


  • Blogs I follow
    • Investing
    • Technology
    • Startups
    • Data Science
    • Travel
  • YouTube (Channels I follow) + Cooking! 🙂
  • Reddit (Few Specific Sub-Reddits)
  • 1 TED Talk
  • #LearnEveryday Post on Blog (Latest Addition)

Few Don’ts:

  • Uninstalled following apps from the smartphone, ONLY ACCESS VIA LAPTOP
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  • No Political Reads, Videos or Content

These are the things I have been doing for a month now. New things are being added, few things are being filtered. It keeps evolving.

Feel free to share your internet consumption and let me know your say.


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#LearnEveryDay Mihir Naik
Book Review: Money, Meaning, and Mindsets (CFAInstitute)

Friction: The Hidden Reality of What Holds People Back (Farnmam Street)

Investing is Hard (MicroCapClub)

How to be calm (ZenHabits)

What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin (YouTube)

Instagram will show more recent posts due to algorithm backlash (TechCrunch)

Zuckerberg’s response to Cambridge scandal omits why it delayed investigating(TechCrunch)

Reading list for my 9th grade son(Janav)

Srinagar’s Ahdoo’s set to turn 100

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#LearnEveryDay Mihir Naik
It’s been a while I have been on my blog. Procrastination was at it’s the best performance and it’s just now I thought of breaking the streak.

From today, I will do one post every day on my blog containing the things I read, watch and surf on the internet. I’m telling it publicly so that I will be forced to do it no matter what.

This move is influenced by one my mentor, whom I adore and respect, Mr. Charlie Munger. He has to say this on learning.

Charlie Munger Quote

I have thought on and off about publishing these stuff but I was always afraid of consistency and it made me refrain from posting. But, from today, I will post no matter what.

Coming back to the topic, I read and watch a lot of article, blogs, books, and videos on various topics. Primarily it will be on Self Development, Investing, Technology, Travel, Concurrency and few other off topics which I love to read sometimes.

I will be hashtagging it #LearnEveryDay and it will be published on my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn feed.

Let’s see how it goes! You can expect the post around 10.30pm at night every day.

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At work, everyone is busy getting things done. Everyone is trying to meet deadlines and tick off the most urgent task of the moment. Either you are getting a follow-up call or mail or you have to be in time. You are always on your toes. This is the story pretty much for all of us, no matter at what level you are working, be it any industry or any designation. That’s what everybody does, everyday or may be the whole life.

It does the work but it’s not salable. It’s not efficient. But hey, that’s a one way to work.

Another way to work is develop an SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) and delegate them to assistant.

Whenever you see a pattern in work, where you feel it’s getting repetitive, you attend those tasks yourself but with an aim to eventually delegate it to your assistant. Over and above getting those things done, you are also developing an SOPs so that it can be easily delegated and it can be delegated further if a person resigns or gets replaced. I know it’s an extra work, and writing those things in a word document is a real mental juggle.

Some of you may say, you don’t get to have an assistant. That’s right. Even if you won’t have an assistant and you will end up doing things all by yourself, than also you should batch those processes and do it yourself. It’s a mindset.

I see it as an efficient mental model. Your task is not to get the things done, but your task is to scale. Scale gives you the larger bottom-line not your time which you trade for few buck.

All the while, you have your priorities fixed so that you can focus more on important things while repetitive tasks are being taken by assistants. Moreover, you are generating systems which is helping your organization as well as your personal work ethic.

This works irrespective of industries, sectors, designations or countries.

This has benefited me a lot. And it should work for you too.


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point of view
We have been trained to have opinions, always. If you don’t possess opinion on certain things, you are looked upon as an unattractive, a fool or a boring person. We are often forced to have opinions because they are the ice breakers at social gatherings. In most cases, things like Politics, Cricket, Movies & Gadgets are always the topics of possessed opinions.

There is nothing wrong in having opinions about things. The problem lies in having an opinion on each an everything in the world, whether you know enough to have one or not. Opinions are dangerous to have especially when you want to grow in your life. To have an opinion is a skill as well as a responsibility of being humble enough to listen someone who hold exactly opinion and to change our opinion based on facts. We seldom do this.

Furthermore, we rarely see a person refusing to portray his opinion on certain subject matter. Imagine a friend asking you, “What do you think about the newly elected UP CM?”. In response, you reply, “Frankly, Neither I know much about UP Politics nor about the background the new CM. I am not sure whether it’s good or bad.” It’s odd to say this, isn’t it? You feel withdrawn by saying this and you don’t want to seem fool, so you pick an opinion which is widely accepted on media about a person because that prevents you from being a fool. Here, a bias called, Social Proof is at play.

Additionally, Our opinions are always binary, and mostly it’s influenced by our preconceived notion over matters in past. As I said, we can’t afford to have neutral opinion. I think, it’s not in our genes. You have conclude something in good thing or bad thing. There is no way out.

The other reason to have quickest opinion through social proof is because it needs enormous amount of mental capital to process information, interpret it and coming to an appropriate conclusion. The proper thinking also gives you pointer when to change the opinion if the new information come across you. These things take lot of time and mental discipline, in the generation of FB, WhatsApp and Instagram who is that free to spare 30 minutes to research about something before forming an opinion.

The reason for writing this whole thing is not to preach you over it. Like other posts, it’s reminder to my own self about not jumping to an opinion without processing enough data. I learnt somewhere, when you write something down, it clears your mind and it also helps you to think more clearly. The whole purpose was this only. Nothing else. 🙂

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More often than not, I am surrounded by the questions regarding future.

  • How future will impact us 50 years down?
  • What tech are going to be prominent?
  • What are the high growth industries for next 20 years?
  • How to be a part of growth tides?
  • Which countries will be in better geo-political positions?

And I am daily surrounded by task like,

  • Reading a pending book
  • Meeting the new lead for business
  • Revert Call to a friend
  • Other pending tasks
  • Long awaited discussion with prominent person on some topic

Lately, what I have observed is the more I indulge on futuristic questions which are more ambiguous in nature, the more I loose on productivity front. There is no definite answers to futuristic question. All we can do is to assume, to form an opinion and wait for the unfolding of facts.

But the same brain storming destroys the balance, eats out lot of time and I loose much on productivity front.

So I have started following this filtration.

I ask myself, Whether it’s a imaginary question or a real question?

If it’s a real one than I continue, if it’s an imaginary one I write it down and keep it for a weekend.

I avoid discussions on those topics with people, I avoid thinking about it, I avoid reading about it. I read, talk, think and discuss in weekend. I form an opinion and write it down. So it avoids ambiguity. I revisit once in a while and track what’s happening on those fronts like Solar Energy, Electric Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Algo Trading and much more.

It has helped me to narrow my focus and priorities. I clearly know what has to be done in working hours by knowing what has not to be done in working hours! Charlie Munger you see!

At the current moment, I am very clear about my 3 month challenge & 2 year challenge. I know what has to be done. I miss out sometimes on getting things done but its okay. Avoiding imaginary questions has cleared lot of rooms for me to focus on real ones.

I am feeling more productive and helping to getting things done faster.

Hope the same will help you as well.

Last thing, as soon as you find yourself spending time on Imaginary Questions, just bookmark it and move to a Real Question!

That simple!


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Often times we are stuck in a situation where it’s difficult to solve problems. We don’t know the way forward. We don’t know what to do?

The solution is to solve it in reverse manner.

Are you approaching for definite amount of Sales?

Reverse work how many number of converted leads would your require for that sales?

How many number of new leads you would need to get converted leads?

What are the areas in your geography which has to be explored to generated those new leads?

What shall be your allocation & preference?

Write them down.

All you need to do is to reverse work!

Another important thing you can do is to consult a mentor to solve that problem.

The task of a mentor is to guide you and tell you the mistakes you are doing.

Think about it. I am doing it. You can too.


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defaultEmotions are also like stock market where it has tendency to wave the pendulum on one side or another. Often times we are in emotionally drained & down situation and sometimes we are in over-confident situation.

It’s never centred & still. The one who is successful in balancing this state and keep on execution wins the race in longer run. It doesn’t matter what he is pursuing.Continue reading

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