Saputara-Shirdi Trip on RE Thunderbird 350

My CA Final November 2014 exams ended on 21st November and I planned a short trip to nearby places. I am actually preparing for Trip to Goa by Road so this was a kind of warm-up trip having 300 Kms each day.

One more thing is, I bought Riding Jacket and Riding Boots for better safety so I wanted to check whether I feel comfortable riding my motorcycle or not. For that, short but long trip must be there to check out all the issue. 😀

Shirdi Route is combination of all type of roads. 😀 Hills, Cities, Villages, Roads with Patches, No Roads (Sometimes) and so on. So the trip was very good in experience. :)

Here, I am sharing some images taken on route, route map, my luggage and my expenses.

If you have questions then you can ask me in comments. :)

Images :

Somewhere in Waghai 1st Day
10 Mins Break at Waghai 1st Day


At Saputara 1st Day
Somewhere on the way to Vani 1st Day
Morning(Leaving Shirdi) @ Hotel 2nd Day
This is something you should not miss while you are in Maharastra. > Pakoda made of Onion and Spinach served with Fried Green Chillies.
Way to Nashik from Shirdi
Near Nashik 2nd Day
Somewhere between Nashik – Vani
Lunch Break of 45 Mins Between Nashik & Vani
Misal Pav is a Maharastrian Dish. Give it a Shot :)
Lunch Finished | Notes Completed | Ready to Head Saputara
Somewhere Between Vani to Saputara (Alternate Road)
Somewhere between Vani to Saputara (Alternate Road)

Remote Village near Saputara but in Maharastra
Surprise pose in this wonderful lanscape
farmer !
The End!

Route Map :

Luggage you are carrying and packing you have done is one of the crucial matter affecting your experience of travel, be it by any mode of travel. So make it as light as possible.

What was in my Bag ?

  • 1 T-shit
  • 1 Jeans
  • 1 Towel
  • 1 Napkin
  • 1 Set of Underwear
  • 1 Body Spray + Talc
  • 1 Pain Spray (Deep Heat)
  • Toothbrush & Paste

What was there with me?

  • Riding Jacket
  • Riding Boots
  • Riding Gloves
  • Riding Helmet (Flip-up)
  • Jeans & T-Shirt
  • Wallet & Mobile

 How much I spent ?

  • 1100 Petrol
  • 400 Accomodation
  • 550 Food
  • 100 Water Bottles

20 Signs You’re Just Not Meant For A 9 To 5 Desk Job

Not all of us are same. While a financially secure job is all most men look for, there are a few of us who are just not made for the ‘office’ picture. There is so much more we want from life than just coffee breaks, appraisals and privileged leaves. And there is no way we’re settling in for anything less satisfying. If you think you’re one of us, this one goes out to you! Here are 20 signs you’re just not meant for a 9-5 desk job.

1. You want to be able to decide when to begin your day. You want to work when you want to, the way you want to. There goes the concept of 9-5 in the bin.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

2. Formals? No way. You want to live in your denims – that’s who you are. Following dress codes is a ridiculous concept anyway that you just refuse to follow.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

3. More than that, you’re just too restless to be seated at one place for 8 hours. It’s almost like being chained.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Shutterstock

4. You see no point sitting inside a glass box knowing there is a whole world out there.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

5. Your mind just doesn’t work around those boring computer screens and a phone that reminds you of hospitals every time it rings. You want something like a whole wall to express yourself!

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

6. Nothing puts you off more than seeing people hate every minute of their day at work. You’d rather be around inspiring people who love what they do, because your work is your passion, not a ‘job’.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

7. You can’t wait to scoot out of the office the moment the clock strikes 6 and do what you love, the rest of the day.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

8. You hate how all offices run solely on hierarchy. You feel being pulled down by it more than being pushed forward.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

9. No matter how much you try, your mind just drifts away every time you begin working. You can’t be contained. You have to be set free to bring out the best in you.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

10. You’re probably too outgoing and ‘alive’ to fit in to the straight faced, lifeless people at work. Oh no, no, you don’t give two hoots about maintaining the ‘decorum’, whatever that is.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

11. You want to create something of your own, not spend your whole life living an insignificant life, working for someone who probably doesn’t even know you exist.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

12. You’re a perfectionist. You need your own space to do things, at your own pace – like waiting for the sun to set for that perfect picture. You don’t believe in doing things just for the sake of it.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

13. Life is too short to waste in rat races. You refuse to be a part of the herd.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

14. You hate Mondays, in fact you loathe ‘em. You desperately need to be in a place where you look forward to Mondays.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

15. Travelling is not just your passion; it is your way of life. From the depths of the seas to the thin air at the top of mountains – there’s so much to see in just one life! There is no way you’re giving up what you love the most for a desk job.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

16. You don’t believe in rules. No, not like a rebel-without-a-cause. You just want to figure it out on your own instead of going by what people tell you. You’re here to make your own way.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

17. You don’t have ‘aims’ in life. Only dreams. And you want to live them all. You owe it to yourself.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Shutterstock

18. You measure success by happiness and contentment, not by paycheques.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

19. You want to earn by living, not live by earning.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

© Thinkstock

20. You cannot even begin to list down the things you want to do in life. What you want to be is beyond professions and careers. It’s a feeling. You want to live. That’s your calling.

Signs You Are Just Not Meant For A 9-5 Desk Job

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Source : MensXP

How to Deal with the Indian Education System ? : The Idea Caravan

Being a student of commerce, I have heard, read and mugged Corporate Social Responsibility so many times. For the first time, I am personally being a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.Untitled

I am writing this post as a part of an initiative by Franklin Templeton Investments, named “The Idea Caravan “. Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. In this event few speakers came forward to share their innovative story which is solely in betterment of India. I believe, participation and support of Franklin Templeton Investments was a contribution towards the society, by whatever name you call it.

On this note, I want to say something, Where “we” people perceive all Finance Companies as mugger, It’s not the case everytime !

Anyway, Today I am writing this blog post on a cause, Indian Education System ! How to Deal with it?

I believe, This is a root cause of each and every situation we face today, it is responsible for what we are, how we are and what we think. Here, Angad Nadkarni, is sharing his Views on Education Systems, loopholes, problems and his innovation to solve this problem. Please see the video first and then move ahead.

First of all, When I saw this video first time, I was very delighted ! I am fortunate to see, there are few people in india who are thinking differently from what crowd thinks about our education system and examination system.

Whether it might be a school, college or my office, I have been a constructive criticizer of our present system when I be a part of a discussion . Personally, When I present my views on our education system I usually get only one response ..!

                   “Aaj Degree ke Bina tu Koi kaam ka nahi hai !!!”

Whenever I hear this kind of statement, I say, “Everybody has their own thinking and priorities, Let’s agree to disagree ! “

Well, coming to the point, I am a firm believer of what Angad is saying in his video. I completely agree with him, there is fundamental conceptual misunderstanding & imbalance in our education system.

Lots and lots of noise(unnecessary things) exists and students are struggling in sheer illusion. We are driven by some illusionary thing in the name of learning ! We don’t know what we are doing !

Are we heading somewhere really? I doubt. Certainly!

Actually, We have forgotten the meaning of Education ! First of all, let me disclose some fundamental misconception that prevails in our Society about education. I will do it by explaining the definition of education !

I know it sounds blatantly cheesy ! But, give it a try !

What is Education ?

Wikipedia says, Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of others, but may also be autodidactic. Any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational.

I hope, everybody agrees with this definition !

Well, As a student of Chartered Accountancy, I have a habit of understanding and interpreting the Bare Acts in parts ! and hence so is the case with this Definitional as well :DThe definition talks about three fundamental areas of our thinking & conception !

“What? “, “How ?” and “Why ?”

Why we are doing it ? [The Driving Force]

  • To learn

What we can learn ? [Elements of Learning]

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Habits

How we will learn ? [Mediums of Leaning those Elements]

  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Research
  • Self Learning (Autodidactic)

It says about driving force what make us do things, elements of learning, and mediums of learning through those elements.

As you may observe, The definition nowhere contains Marks, Exams, Degrees or Grades ! It is the illusionary concept inserted by our society(or situation), I can’t figure out why ! They often justify it by saying this,

            “Study Hard, get good marks, Get good job, Earn Good Salary, Get Married “!

Have you heard anything about learning in between ! I haven’t !

On this note, Albert Einstein says,

              Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.

Education basically deals which fundamental thinking and charactaral habits of a human being, education is something which make us think, on our own.

Today our education refrain us from thinking on our own and they want us to start following ! Our education system want us to become slave so that we can work as our boss instructs !

I want to cite something, please do read,

41319I’ve noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet. No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes or politicians in civics classes or poets in English classes. The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders.

 { – John Taylor Gatto

Now, as Angad says, Our education system is full of noise. Noise in the form of Tuition Classes, Schools, Journals, Tutorials, Tests, Assignments, Projects, Exams and what not ! When we look at these things from the point of view of this definition, our so called “Education System” doesn’t add much value to it. In fact, It virtually fails !

Now, the question is, How to remove this noise ?

From the day I understood this, I have been always searching for the solution. There are few solutions but they are hard to apply. If one apply also, then It will raise strong critiques from the society and after all, these things affect us..!

The Society in which we live, it kicks us on ass, slaps us on face and again we are in the same rat race ! We are ultimately social animals :)

So, what we have to do is,” To make out way by walking through this education system only, very smartly!

How to do it ?

Angad has solution for it. Examify.

He is thinking it from a big point of view but The concept is same, Collecting the data from past few papers, mining results from those data and preparing a question paper for a student.

Now, there will be some additional algorithms to judge whether the question is important or not, whether the question is difficult or not ?

Actually, We all do the same in exams but here it will be done by a machine, in more systematic manner and it will mine data over and over to give us the best possible result.

Long Story short, It is an applied “Pareto Principal”

    “20 percent of focused effort results in 80 percent out come of results!”

Simply, You will be given only those question which are important for exams. You will be focusing on 20% of the content which will make you competent to fetch 80% of results.

It is a simple concept of Information Systems and which will work in favor of students. I think , this is the only way available as of now to avoid the noise and focus on what we have to do !

Let me clarify one thing,

This solution is not to score more marks, or get good grades. Of course you can manipulate the it to do the same, but purpose behind this innovation is to reduce noise from education system/ exam system, so that the youth can focus on those things which he/she want to do. The ultimate aim of this is to , To make out way by walking through this education system only, very smartly!

When I sat aside and thought about the same I came with some technically helpful solution which will help angad in his research, I am very sure about it. I will be writing a complete blog post on this concept.

Conclusion :

I just want to tell everybody only one thing,There is a difference between Means and Ends, Please focus on end not the means. Education is a means and Wisdom and Happiness is an end. We are not even close to our means, how will we be able to achieve that ends ? Infact, many of us are not even thinking about the end ! Many of us even don’t know about what is the end !

Anyway, I am in gratitude of Angad for his innovation, I am sure this will help students to get over. I am thankful to Franklin Templeton Investments for thinking out of box and partnering such wonderful event and spreading the words around.

See you next time with another wonderful post.

God Bless,

Stay Blessed.

– Mihir :)

An Open Letter from a Father to her Daugther who is leaving home for college !

I was checking my Facebook and I found that my father liked a post of his friend. I seen a long writing there and jumped into with curiosity, after all what My father has liked ! I read the whole status update. It is written by a Father addressing her daughter who is leaving home for further studies. It contains few most important life lessons which one should look after and each and every youth should think about it. Read it with an open mind, It’s not a lecture of preaching. It’s a perfect concentrated juice by a father to his daughter to digest at early stage of life. Please have a read..

Note : This is written by my father’s friend Chetan Naik to his daughter.


We’re now just days from college bound. My daughter, my only girl, is preparing to leave the nest and entering a new chapter in her life. I’ve been thinking about so many things that I want my daughter to know before she leaves for college and beyond. It’s not as if I haven’t prepared her these past years and now I’m going to lay it all out for her to grasp during the remaining moments that we have together.

My mind has been drifting in several directions… from health tips to practical and spiritual advice. What are some things that I really want my daughter to know?

I thought about life lessons and principles that my wife and I have instilled in her over the years and pray that she will continue to be the anchor in her life as she spreads her wings into this world. These are just some of the things I want my daughter to know before she leaves for college:

1. You are LOVED….Unconditionally.

We’ve always taught her that God loves us unconditionally, and it’s something that we don’t have to earn our way to receiving. I want her to go away with confidence knowing that she will always be unconditionally loved by God, her mother, and me. Nothing will separate our love. Being Loved Unconditionally is the most important thing that I want my daughter to know. The rest of this list is not in any particular order.

2. Being a Leader…Not Always Popular.

We’ve groomed her to be a leader. Leaders are not perfect, but nevertheless, leaders have to make tough decisions and sometimes those decisions won’t make us popular. I want my daughter to know that it’s better to be unpopular with the right conscience than to make bad decisions that will gain temporary approval, yet have greater affects in her future.

3. Listen to Your Heart.

We are living in times when there are so many things that vie for our attention. We are bombarded with options and sometimes even the good ones aren’t necessarily the best ones for us. I want my daughter to learn to listen to her heart…where that still small voice speaks. If there is no peace, don’t go there. I want her to learn to let peace guide her.

4. You Become What You Habitually Do.

In developing her character, as a parent, helping her create the right habits in her life will only result in better character. One of the definitions of Character is what others come to know of us, once they’ve left our presence. My favourite quote on habit is, “First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you.” I want my daughter to know that her habits whether good or bad will affect her character and her character will ultimately affect her destiny.

5. Choose Friendships Wisely.

Being from a small school, my daughter has developed close friendships with a handful of girls, some she’s known practically since birth. Going away to school will open up opportunities to meet new friends. Even so, with the internet and social networks, it’s so much easier to make friends today than it was back when we were at her age. The friends we had growing up, those we went to school with, or in our neighborhood, often were our lifelong friends. Because my daughter has grown up in the digital age, making friends online is second nature. I should know this, as many of my friends today are from social networks that I’m a part of. Some friendships are a lot of “air kissing” but no “substance.”

What I mean by that is, there are people in our life who claim to be our friends. They may send random texts, messages on our social networks that flatter, but their words have no action. I want my daughter to know that REAL genuine friendships are rare and hard to find; hence, to be cautious of who she opens her heart and life to. As one philosopher once said, “Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.”

6. Forgive. Not Once, Twice, but Many.

It’s expected that she will go through some sort of pain or hurt. I’m not trying to advice this into her life, but we live in a world that is imperfect and with people who are imperfect and will say or do things that will hurt us. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we have to be around those who have hurt us and allow them to repeat their ways; it just means releasing them so that we can be free.
I want my daughter to know that Forgiveness is one of secrets to keeping us healthy in spirit, soul, and body.

7. Don’t Compare.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in comparison at any age or stage in life. We compare our appearance (ei: hair, weight, looks), what we’ve accomplished or didn’t accomplish. When things aren’t going within our timing, or why we haven’t reach our goals yet, often times, we’re tempted to question, “why?” One of my favorite fables growing up was the Tortoise and the Hare. As you may remember…the moral of the story is “slow and steady wins the race.” I want my daughter to know that she will finish the course that is set for her life in due season and don’t get caught up in comparing her life to anyone else’s. Remember the Tortoise and the Hare.

8. It’s OK to SAY NO Sometimes to Save Your Sanity.

To be a leader, you must first serve. This is a principle that we’ve all come to learn and live in our lives; although my serving responsibilities are nowhere at the capacity today that it was in recent years due to other endeavours. One of the problems I had was saying NO. What I want my daughter to know is that, you can still be a servant but it’s OK to say NO sometimes to save your sanity.

9. If the Shoes Don’t Fit, Don’t Wear It.

Oh, my daughter and my wife both share the same love for shoes and sometimes it’s “fashion and pain” vs. “comfort.” But in life, as parents we’ve been careful not to put her in a mould of what we think she should do or be. I can’t say that the temptation wasn’t there and we’ve made several suggestions but at the end of the day, we know that God has a special plan for her. If most parents were honest, they want their sons or daughters to be doctors or lawyers. Basically, its gives some good bragging rights. As she’ll be on her own the next few years and even beyond, exploring and experiencing life, there may be times when she’s tempted to be swayed in certain directions by others. I want my daughter to know that, “If the shoes don’t fit, don’t wear it.”

10. Live Life to the Fullest.

The average life span in the world if you were born today is approximately 78 years old. If I were to live the average lifespan, I’ve already lived more than half of it. Of course, I’m believing to surpass that! What I want my daughter to know is “life really is too short” and to live in alignment with what her purpose is. I know too many people who are not experiencing “life to the fullest” because they are not pursuing their passion and purpose. I’ve heard it said, “We spend too much time living in the ‘what if’ and need to learn to live in the ‘what is.’ “Learn to live in the “what is.”

I believe that my list of “What I want my Daughter to Know” will grow, but this is a good start as she embarks on a new journey that will begin within days.

What are some things that you want (or wanted) our kids to know before they leave (or left) for college? Please do share…..

Have you heard of the Cockroach Theory for Self Development?

Cockroach TheoryAt a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach.

Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky. The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but …it landed on another lady in the group.

Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama. The waiter rushed forward to their rescue.
In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter. The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt.

When he was confident enough, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant. Sipping my coffee and watching the amusement, the antenna of my mind picked up a few thoughts and started wondering, was the cockroach responsible for their histrionic behavior?

If so, then why was the waiter not disturbed?

He handled it near to perfection, without any chaos. It is not the cockroach, but the inability of the ladies to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach that disturbed the ladies.

I realized that, it is not the shouting of my father or my boss or my wife that disturbs me, but it’s my inability to handle the disturbances caused by their shouting that disturbs me.

It’s not the traffic jams on the road that disturbs me, but my inability to handle the disturbance caused by the traffic jam that disturbs me. More than the problem, it’s my reaction to the problem that creates chaos in my life.

Lessons learned from the story:

  • Do not react in life.
  • Always respond.
  • The women reacted, whereas the waiter responded.
  • Reactions are always instinctive whereas responses are always well thought of, just and right to save a situation from going out of hands, to avoid cracks in relationship, to avoid taking decisions in anger, anxiety, stress or hurry.

Note: This post is not written by me. I found this wonderful story on a facebook page. You can go to it from here. = Link

Fundamental Entrepreneurship Misconception Busted !

postcard-roadMany times my friends ask me, “Mihir, I want to do something on Internet and want to earn from it ! Please give me some idea !”

Some ask, “Can you please setup a website or blog which give me regular small cashflow of 7-8k !”

I clearly tell them, If I would be having such idea, why should I give it to you..! This is an utter common sense, which a 5 year kid know…!

Then, I gently explain them and the same is doing here. See, Do not fantasize about being entrepreneur or being a business person, building a company from scratch and then small team of employees and then  selling your company to someone for billion dollar and get featured in some newspaper and tv channels. If this is your idea then better you try modelling or acting. Continue reading Fundamental Entrepreneurship Misconception Busted !

Invert, Always Invert – Buffet | How to apply in our life?

I have been an avid learner of Value Investing from a year..! I am reading so many books, blogs, letters, annual reports and some other stuff about Value Investing. In the pursuit of my Learning I have learned some wonderful lesson about human behavior as well as our approach to our life.

I was reading something about buffet online and came across a wonderful concept,”Method of Inversion“. I have written full article about it but once again, I feel like writing something on it about my personal life.

4WaystoSayNo Continue reading Invert, Always Invert – Buffet | How to apply in our life?

Why I say, We need to change our mentality ?

Change the mentalityYesterday, I was eating out on roadside food stall and I was hearing the conversation between 3 guys they were also having some food there.

First one said, (to other 2), “You know what ? My boss is a builder and he has built not less then 15 building in last 5 years. According to my estimate he has earned on an average 10 Cr. Rs from each building he made. But then also he is using “Third Class Zen Estilo”.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..” followed by a laughter which clearly depicted the builder completely foolish and stupid. Continue reading Why I say, We need to change our mentality ?

Matheran Bike Trip – 604 kms – 16,17 March 2013 – 29 Hours

2013-03-17 14.54.58What’s the Story Behind Matheran Trip ?

It was Sat, 16 March, 2013. I completed my work in Office and I was still at my desk in office, little tired with full week work and looking around some places to roam around. One of my Friend, Chintant Naik, who is a Software Engineer and working in Baroda in a Software Company.

I suddenly called him and asked, “Hey, Chintu ! Where are you ?” Continue reading Matheran Bike Trip – 604 kms – 16,17 March 2013 – 29 Hours

Travel Hard : 1st thing to learn from Ramayana :P

best-places-to-travel-aloneI believe, Ramayana and Mahabharata are 2 epics,  teach us some important things about life.

Like, how worst the situation can be ? how to handle that ? the expertise one can get in a particular field ? how a focus should be ? and much much more..!

I don’t know about other things but One thing of which I am sure of is, Traveling. I am fond of traveling and every now and then I have been advocating for traveling, mostly road trips.  Continue reading Travel Hard : 1st thing to learn from Ramayana 😛