Do you think your confidence will be stable even if you got rejected or fail ? According to me, Surely not ! See, This world is having various kinds of people with different thoughts, understanding, point of views and attitude, so due to these various combinations rejection is natural ! When we are in academic life we may get failure in our academic results or non-implementation of your small or large plan of study. When we enter practical life we may face failure or rejection may be in case of employment, business or micro-working. So Here, I am talking about, How you can handle that and go on working with the same spirit as you were working before.Continue reading

I am basically fascinated about knowing how people think and how they do business. In journey of My fascination, Some wonderful motivator helped me a lot. One them is Robert Kiosaki. I am following them on twitter and Facebook, so some days back, I read one status update from his wall of Facebook Fan Page that “Good Debt is Powerful Tools but Bad debt can kill you.” I was very surprised after reading this status. Because everybody knows that Bad Debt is bad but mostly no one knows how Good debt is powerful tool ? Because, When an average middle class persons like me and you talk around, we always find debt in negative way and we try to avoid being creditor of someone :).Continue reading