wordleWhen a person talk about Saving and Investment, We always tell him, “Kyun Pakaa Raha Hai?” If We are asked, “How much money will you have by 2022 ?” We find it a silly question.

Initially(In Young Age) we don’t give a shit about our Investment and Saving, about How Money Works? , about What are our Financial Goals? about What are our Financial Needs? , about our Spending Habits and much more.We spend like anything without any rationale..! In most of the cases in Show-Off…!

Then what happens is,  in 30s or 40s, we start hating the situation !  Why ??  The only word which come across though mails, SMSs and letters the Payment Dues and EMIs ! Can’t you see the same scenario in the society?Continue reading

writingWe wish the next year to be life changing or hope for some miracle to happen and the life be fabulous..! Don’t we ? I don’t know about you but I do ..! But It’s for sure that nothing like this is gonna happen. The best way to change our life is by taking charge of it. Accept the things and take the responsibility. Again, to change the things, you need to be very clear on what you want to change? So For that, I made a list of New Year Resolution for 2013. I made very specific list. One of the thing is ,”Write post on Once in 3 days“.. Why?Continue reading

460886_445104272185479_1687827989_oI came across this Quote which made me think, “What are the changes I am making in my self ?” “What are those things which I need to Learn, Unlearn or Relearn ?”. I just give it a shot and I could figure out some random things to be changed. So I decided to make a list of the same. At the same time, When I looked back, I realized that I had made plenty of such kinda list and most of them are ineffective. Though some was life changers as well. I just asked my self, “Why they were ineffective ?” I found that, I never declared it. When we don’t declare what we need, then after some time we started believing that It was just a dream in a fluke and It never can be happened. When we declare it to the world, then it helps us to stick to it. 🙂Continue reading