personal financeWhen I write some post on personal finance or financial planning then I am often asked by my friends, “Do you really think It’s necessary ?” Some of them tell me that, “Who knows whether we will live till 60s or 70s ! Don’t worry about that time. Enjoy this moment. ” Sometime I also think that’s bloody correct..! Why the fuck I am thinking about these shit..? But, It is not true, I will cover, Why? Here, I am trying my best to explain you why It’s necessary and you should think about it. I will try to explain it with my personal point of view.Continue reading


Real Estate Agent

Once I was suggested a book named Freakonomics…! and I found that book and read it for sometime just for overview. I found one interesting thing there and writing this post on it. This is about hard fact about Real Estate Agents or Brokers. If you will sell your Asset, ever, through a broker than you must read this one :D. This is completely logical and practical calculation as far as I know..! Particularly in India, Irrespective of whatsoever your brokers tell you..! All they say is “SHIT” when It comes to grabbing the higher price..! WhY?..
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