2013-03-17 14.54.58What’s the Story Behind Matheran Trip ?

It was Sat, 16 March, 2013. I completed my work in Office and I was still at my desk in office, little tired with full week work and looking around some places to roam around. One of my Friend, Chintant Naik, who is a Software Engineer and working in Baroda in a Software Company.

I suddenly called him and asked, “Hey, Chintu ! Where are you ?”Continue reading

best-places-to-travel-aloneI believe, Ramayana and Mahabharata are 2 epics,  teach us some important things about life.

Like, how worst the situation can be ? how to handle that ? the expertise one can get in a particular field ? how a focus should be ? and much much more..!

I don’t know about other things but One thing of which I am sure of is, Traveling. I am fond of traveling and every now and then I have been advocating for traveling, mostly road trips. Continue reading

dream-300x200I came across a very interesting story about someone and thought it would great to share it with you guys.

The story is of a young man who wanted to study filmmaking. When he revealed his dream to his dad, he immediately objected. “You will never succeed” his dad said.

The young man was very determined however and decided to study in film school. He strained his relationship with his dad and they hardly spoke with each other after that.Continue reading