postcard-roadMany times my friends ask me, “Mihir, I want to do something on Internet and want to earn from it ! Please give me some idea !”

Some ask, “Can you please setup a website or blog which give me regular small cashflow of 7-8k !”

I clearly tell them, If I would be having such idea, why should I give it to you..! This is an utter common sense, which a 5 year kid know…!

Then, I gently explain them and the same is doing here. See, Do not fantasize about being entrepreneur or being a business person, building a company from scratch and then small team of employees and then  selling your company to someone for billion dollar and get featured in some newspaper and tv channels. If this is your idea then better you try modelling or acting.Continue reading

dream-300x200I came across a very interesting story about someone and thought it would great to share it with you guys.

The story is of a young man who wanted to study filmmaking. When he revealed his dream to his dad, he immediately objected. “You will never succeed” his dad said.

The young man was very determined however and decided to study in film school. He strained his relationship with his dad and they hardly spoke with each other after that.Continue reading

I am actually fond of reading from past 3-4 years. I have reads so many books and I always try to find out those books which are useful to my career in upcoming years. I have a habit to prioritize those book reads in my free time, and once again I come with Top 5 Books on management which are having very good reviews. You also can read these management books If you want to read and you like reading them. Here Below I am listing out all those books with respective Authors and small introductions. Please share IF you like it.Continue reading

You might be a business person, a student or doing job. It’s for sure that everybody loves to be own boss and literally 9 to 5 Sucks!! :(. Many times I come across some people who are either working or they are the student. When I interact with them mostly all of them want to be entrepreneur or to do business. When I move ahead and ask them, “Which business you want to start? ” Then they say It’s yet to be decided !!!  Mostly Everybody are dreaming of, but only few of them take it into action. I met some sort of people who are afraid to take risk, for those here is one post To get hired and Not being fired from Job. 😉 …. Anyway, So I decided to write a comprehensive post which will give you some point to think upon it whether business is your cup of tea or not!Continue reading

Many of my visitors are Small Business owner so I decided to help them out with simple concept “Trading on Equity“. If you will understand this concept properly than there are some chances that you will be successful in future with your fund management and Good return on your equity in the same and competitive marketing, in which you are operating right now. So Moving ahead, What is Trading on Equity ? ..Continue reading

Mostly each and every business are now in cut through competition, mostly no one has luxury of monopoly because at least oligopoly exists. So, now in this situation, it is a tough task to more than you deserve. I am not talking about getting general business which is obvious and limit yourself, because this is what the looser do. I am talking about finding out the other ways to cut the competition by optimizing the indirectly affecting factors to your business. These are some methods and techniques which I have applied to my various business deals and project and They worked well ! Though I am not in some business nowadays then also I am referred for such work ! Just once have a look on it, And I prefer you don’t forecast anything from the title, just read once in detail. 🙂 Continue reading

In this article I am going to explain some of the topics which I figured out when managing my team and putting it as topic wise DO’s and DON’TS. I am always care about my team members and look to their ease of work , and this is very important if you want to go far because online business is such a field in which employees are everything to you. But, sometimes it gives me dangerous feeling when I think about other options of treating them. 🙁 Forget it! Come to the point.Continue reading

If you are passionate about running your own business with new ideas instead of one 9-5 job with repetitive work, then you might need some things to know.  One thing is clear that the only thing which differs the class(in term of money), lifestyle, habits, position and mentality is thinking of a particular person. Sometime we think that, how the successful Business Men, General Managers or Entrepreneur think? What is the thinking level of those people ? The simple answers which I would like to give in my thinking is pointed and explained below. I am not pointing out what they do, because I am also seeking for it, But I have figured out some points which they do not do at all in their schedule or life.  So carry on….Continue reading