#LearnEveryDay Mihir Naik
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#LearnEveryDay Mihir Naik
It’s been a while I have been on my blog. Procrastination was at it’s the best performance and it’s just now I thought of breaking the streak.

From today, I will do one post every day on my blog containing the things I read, watch and surf on the internet. I’m telling it publicly so that I will be forced to do it no matter what.

This move is influenced by one my mentor, whom I adore and respect, Mr. Charlie Munger. He has to say this on learning.

Charlie Munger Quote

I have thought on and off about publishing these stuff but I was always afraid of consistency and it made me refrain from posting. But, from today, I will post no matter what.

Coming back to the topic, I read and watch a lot of article, blogs, books, and videos on various topics. Primarily it will be on Self Development, Investing, Technology, Travel, Concurrency and few other off topics which I love to read sometimes.

I will be hashtagging it #LearnEveryDay and it will be published on my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn feed.

Let’s see how it goes! You can expect the post around 10.30pm at night every day.

Often times we are stuck in a situation where it’s difficult to solve problems. We don’t know the way forward. We don’t know what to do?

The solution is to solve it in reverse manner.

Are you approaching for definite amount of Sales?

Reverse work how many number of converted leads would your require for that sales?

How many number of new leads you would need to get converted leads?

What are the areas in your geography which has to be explored to generated those new leads?

What shall be your allocation & preference?

Write them down.

All you need to do is to reverse work!

Another important thing you can do is to consult a mentor to solve that problem.

The task of a mentor is to guide you and tell you the mistakes you are doing.

Think about it. I am doing it. You can too.