If you are passionate about running your own business with new ideas instead of one 9-5 job with repetitive work, then you might need some things to know.  One thing is clear that the only thing which differs the class(in term of money), lifestyle, habits, position and mentality is thinking of a particular person. Sometime we think that, how the successful Business Men, General Managers or Entrepreneur think? What is the thinking level of those people ? The simple answers which I would like to give in my thinking is pointed and explained below. I am not pointing out what they do, because I am also seeking for it, But I have figured out some points which they do not do at all in their schedule or life.  So carry on….Continue reading

Do you think your confidence will be stable even if you got rejected or fail ? According to me, Surely not ! See, This world is having various kinds of people with different thoughts, understanding, point of views and attitude, so due to these various combinations rejection is natural ! When we are in academic life we may get failure in our academic results or non-implementation of your small or large plan of study. When we enter practical life we may face failure or rejection may be in case of employment, business or micro-working. So Here, I am talking about, How you can handle that and go on working with the same spirit as you were working before.Continue reading

I am basically fascinated about knowing how people think and how they do business. In journey of My fascination, Some wonderful motivator helped me a lot. One them is Robert Kiosaki. I am following them on twitter and Facebook, so some days back, I read one status update from his wall of Facebook Fan Page that “Good Debt is Powerful Tools but Bad debt can kill you.” I was very surprised after reading this status. Because everybody knows that Bad Debt is bad but mostly no one knows how Good debt is powerful tool ? Because, When an average middle class persons like me and you talk around, we always find debt in negative way and we try to avoid being creditor of someone :).Continue reading