get hired and not firedI am having busy days form few weeks but somehow once again I am back to my blogging stuff I am being trained as article in the office of Chartered Accountant, And during my last few weeks I have observed something and experienced so many thing putting topic wise tactics of not getting fired and get hired.


1. Principal of Karma :

Whether you are doing job or own business, doing your work is the essential part of it. Now the matter of your success depends upon quality of your work. If you will work properly, I am not saying that you have to work very keenly but If you keep doing work with reasonalble care then you will find extremely good results .. Someone has said that, “Almost anything you do is significant but important is you do it.”

2. Innovation :

You will observe one wonderful thing in your life that, only innovative things brings smile on your face and routine things sucks!! šŸ™ In the same case, If you are on the job and want to bring smile on face of colleagues and employees then you have to be innovative. Its not important the impact of innovation on financial position, meansĀ of courseĀ it should not haveĀ negativeĀ impact, but it should not be measured by positive effect on financialĀ strength. Because the innovation might be adding value to working environment, clients trust, system of firm or organization or may be on financial side.

3.Ā AppreciationĀ from Clients Ā :

It may be the case where yourĀ colleaguesĀ may not value the employers clients but the employer always value his clients. So,Ā It’s always advisable to be genuine and fair enough to your clients, at last clients are the only asset which gives your employer recurring income.

4. Look at the things from Employer’s Eyes :

Always have proper attitude in your job and work and when you think you are doing something different from your routine, it may be beneficial or not for your emplyer, so look at the things once from employers point of view, and when your employer ask the reason for doing so, at that time you can explain him in detail what was the thinking behind such act or work.

This is all which I wanted to share with you after a long time. Btw, I have decide to update my blog frequently, Hope I will carry on this for long time.. šŸ™‚

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