On 10th October 2012, One of my blogs #IndiaPriceBuzz.In completed one year, So I delightfully updated my status and I received warm wishes from friends and family. Some them asked some questions about my journey, earnings, my interest, costs etc. I always replied them that was something more than earning , the things which I learned in early stage which is valuable to me. Ofcourse, Earning also matters when you are a student and get some extra bucks to watch some extra movies, high speed internet access and daily bike trips which are may not be possible without extra bucks !! 😛 So, here I am sharing something which I learnt..!

#1 : You can do it better, but You are not required to !

It’s very much important to streamline your area of work when you are really planning to grow. There will be some work which can be done in much better way than your team member is doing, but sometimes it becomes important for you leave that work and focus on priority. Many times I felt that, “hey this is not which I wanted” but I stopped my self and guided the team to work in better way. I have seen some example where business can not grow because the owner is not delegating the work in fear that, team will not perform upto his level and he finds superiority in doing that work himself. He doesn’t know that he is loosing the opportunity of time which he can get by not doing that work and getting that work done by his team member.

#2 : Never afraid of making Investment in your Idea !

When you are starting up with new work, with new people where you are also new..! At that time, the expense you make on your team members, services and anything else , It’s not expense its like investment. You have to believe that this will give you return, you have to be agree with yourself that  you are gonna rock this time, although the actually this may not be true. Truely speaking, I started around 7-8 sites, out of which only 3 succeeded in terms of money and other 4-5  in terms of learning. So, point is, without investment you cannot expect return, or return will be lesser unless you have concrete idea.

#3 : It’s better to share things with your surroundings :

Generally we are grownup by hearing that don’t share your secrets, or some people say ,”people will be jealous of you”. It’s not true always. When you are surrounded by people who actually work and not talk, this is not the scenario. Working people always share their stuff, earnings, experience and what not. In my personal experience, I got some valuable advice from some personal, which was very useful in my financial success. I heartily thank them. Now the point is, why they advised me to do so? Because we had a good relationship of sharing things and we were not jealous of each other. 🙂

#4 : Catch and Hold those people who believe in your Idea :

It’s utmost important to find those persons who believe in your idea, then whatever the investment may be to hire them. Because those people who are just working for money will not help you and your idea in anyway. Because you will endup wasting your time and money. I am telling you with own experience.

#5 : Marginal Efforts make Huge Difference :

The thing which fascinate me most is, making improvement or trying out new changes out there..! Like, My team members have always gave me a pleasure of free time by doing update on website and regular daily work. This gave me a time to analyse new things coming up in market, focus on stats and giving a try to new idea. Many times when I was having 2 movies site, I tried some changes in placements of ads and my earning were up by 210% and It’s not a small thing as far as your ROI is concerned. So when I see this things happening I always thinks that how many new opportunities I am missing by not making marginal efforts.


Much more can be added to this list, but I am ending it here because I am not prone to writing for half an hour.. 😛 But ya if you are thinking to start something new then just go on, because jobs will suck you like anythings and you will end-up with frustration..!


Share your view here.. ! I would love to reply them 🙂

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