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Because, I am going to demonstrate my Search Engine Optimization Skill Prowess by busting several myths. The reason of me doing this is a bit selfish, I am moving to Toronto this May, so doing this to get an appropriate SEO Specialist Job in Toronto purely based on my skills.  Let’s discuss several myths. 

  •  Need Original Content to Rank

I am going to use duplicate as well as spun content to rank this page. I will be copying it from several sources and will be quoting them as and when needed, or at the end of the page.

  •  White Hat Link Building

I am going to use certain freely available links & order some of them from grey market. Hope, this will be a learning experience to rank a page on “best seo specialist in toronto

By no means, I want to portray that grey hat link building should be adopted, but I want to make a point that SEO is all about understanding what works & apply the same. None my actual clients have spun content or I don’t encourage the same. But I do these kinds of SEO experiments a lot to learn.

Though Process behind ranking this page for "Top SEO Specialist in Toronto"

We chatter a lot about our skills in general but when you put it to work & demonstrate results, it does have a very different impact. I am currently working as an SEO Specialist remote, but I intend to take up a job in Toronto to boost my career, so when I have something demonstrable, I believe it would help.

Also, I believe in doing something innovative, something that’s off track, something that’s out of box & I believe, ranking a page with in 30 days for keywords like “SEO Specialist in Toronto” would be awesome! Just for your information, the keyword difficulty as per ahrefs is quite good.

seo specialist in toronto keyword difficulty ahref

What's my SEO Process?

How do I look at things when it comes to Search Engine Optimization?

I believe in having a set process to follow while working. I also believe in curating my process over time by observing the results based on execution. My process has changed a lot over the past couple of years. To give you a general idea, earlier, the work SEO involved a lot of off page SEO work, while nowadays, I focus more on generating relevant content and satisfying user queries with smoothest possible experience. That’s my role as an SEO these days.

Defining Client's Objective

I get lot of comfort when I understand a primary objective of SEO efforts. I consider this as a direction setting. I have seen lot of projects getting haywire only because the objective was not predefined, so it’s most important to know the purpose of doing SEO. The same applies to clients from Toronto as well, so it’s relevant for SEO Specialist role in Toronto as well. 

The objectives could be spreading awareness about brand, engaging users through interactive or purposeful content, driving traffic and capturing leads, driving relevant traffic and getting sales or driving traffic to re-target them using paid marketing. SEO Efforts largely varies from objective to objective. This step also includes understanding of client’s products/services. Because, nowadays, user experience & web design experience is also a part of SEO as per my understanding. The inputs of SEO Specialist are much more valuable from idea conception to Web Design Mock-ups and Web Design to Web Development.

Visitor's/Buyer's Persona Profiling

buyer's persona - seo specialist in toronto

Once the objective has been clearly define, communicated and understood by me, as an SEO Specialist, I go on creating a profile of visitors or buyers of website. As a SEO Specialist, the profiling is very important to understand the psyche of users, their likes, dislikes and their motives. This helps me design better user experience through content flow, designs and overall look and feel. I assume, I resemble more with this as I posses business experience and broader Digital Marketing experience with SEO Specialist experience. This would also qualifies me more over other candidates for role of SEO Specialist in Toronto.

Keyword Research

This is a powerhouse of my SEO Process. Once the over all directions are clear, it’s time to magnify the purpose and efforts with relevant keywords. For an SEO Specialist, Keyword Research makes more sense if SEO Specialist understands the client’s offering(products/services).

mapping buyers persona with keyword

This is a most appropriate documented process that I use, as I feel, for the long term SEO, this is most effective. Ultimately, Google has changed the game & now we are all in race to serve our users. Best SEO Specialist in Toronto is the one who help their client to meet users who are searching for them online and that too for longer period of time, sustain-ably.

keyword research as per persona - seo specialist in toronto
most relevant keyword research - seo specialist in toronto
optimize keyword for intent - seo specialist in toronto

Optimize On Page SEO Elements

optimizing on page seo elements - seo specialist in toronto

Creating content, meta title, meta descriptions, alt tags, internal links have been old school on page SEO Elements that still calls for attention. But nowadays, I pay more attention towards overall presentation of our website to Search Engine in terms of Schema. Google has also been developing lot of resources on the same in recent past.  They have been referring it as a Structured Data. Almost all of the search engines has started taking cognizance of Schema/Rich Snippet lately. It is not only an on page seo factor, but rich snippet has also helped me increase CTR as well as taking prime position through Rich Snippet. I also give lot of importance to Internal Links while designing site structure for user experience. For me, site structure & internal links go hand in hand. 

rich snippet for seo specialist in toronto

For me, Technical SEO is also a great part of On Page Optimization. I pretty much follow a guide created by Ryan Stewart for Technical SEO. I believe, Load Times, robust back-end configuration & top notch indexibility will improve your SEO way ahead than the competition. I have been able to rank some of the sites on cheap servers only because I had a proper Technical Search Engine Optimization in place.

Off Page SEO

I am not a big fan of building links because in my experience, if you have done your profiling well and you are putting up content relevant to queries, your position will pickup very quickly. For me Off Page SEO includes a part of Technical SEO where I submit websites to various tools like Google Search Consoles, Bing, Yahoo etc. 

I am also a big believer of creating links from Social Profiles that are pretty much available for free. At times, they are actually nofollow links, but in my experience, they have been able to add a lot in terms of ranking. On my recent website that I created as a side project, I could rank them only based on Social Profile links.

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