Fundamental Entrepreneurship Misconception Busted !

Many times my friends ask me, “Mihir, I want to do something on Internet and want to earn from it ! Please give me some idea !” Some ask, “Can you please setup a website or blog which give me regular small cashflow of 7-8k !” I clearly tell them, If I would be having […]

Don’t Give up on your Dreams Ever..!

I came across a very interesting story about someone and thought it would great to share it with you guys. The story is of a young man who wanted to study filmmaking. When he revealed his dream to his dad, he immediately objected. “You will never succeed” his dad said. The young man was very […]

10 Things for Every Young Entrepreneur

As always, I spent my Sunday reading some stuff and stalking Facebook :P. But, Today I found something wonderful on Facebook NewsFeed from the Profile of the Founder of Alma Mater, Varun Agrawal. I think, It’s inspirational and must read for all those budding entrepreneurs. So have a wonderful read. It’s awesome.

A Short Real Life Story of a Violinist !

I just got below story somewhere on Facebook, and I thought I should share it on my blog. You just read and decide, Are you not of the same category ? 😛 I found it worth, I hope you will also like it. Better I don’t write something on this now, First you read..! Then […]

Top 5 Books on Management to Grow Your Business Rapidly

I am actually fond of reading from past 3-4 years. I have reads so many books and I always try to find out those books which are useful to my career in upcoming years. I have a habit to prioritize those book reads in my free time, and once again I come with Top 5 […]

Business is Your Cup of Tea ?

You might be a business person, a student or doing job. It’s for sure that everybody loves to be own boss and literally 9 to 5 Sucks!! :(. Many times I come across some people who are either working or they are the student. When I interact with them mostly all of them want to be entrepreneur […]

5 Mantras for Businessmen & Entrepreneurs : Indirectly Boost your Business !

Mostly each and every business are now in cut through competition, mostly no one has luxury of monopoly because at least oligopoly exists. So, now in this situation, it is a tough task to more than you deserve. I am not talking about getting general business which is obvious and limit yourself, because this is […]

What Successful Businessmen don’t do ? #thinking #habits #lifestyle

If you are passionate about running your own business with new ideas instead of one 9-5 job with repetitive work, then you might need some things to know.  One thing is clear that the only thing which differs the class(in term of money), lifestyle, habits, position and mentality is thinking of a particular person. Sometime […]