The Dilemma!

More often than not, I am surrounded by the questions regarding future. How future will impact us 50 years down? What tech are going to be prominent? What are the high growth industries for next 20 years? How to be a part of growth tides? Which countries will be in better geo-political positions? And I […]

It’s been awhile, but it’s 2016 now!

It’s been a while since I wrote a last blog post. Lots of things were going and I am sure the same is the case with you. The new year has started and we have embarked on a new journey. As a tradition, I was writing few resolutions year on year but I wont do this time. […]

Invert, Always Invert – Buffet | How to apply in our life?

I have been an avid learner of Value Investing from a year..! I am reading so many books, blogs, letters, annual reports and some other stuff about Value Investing. In the pursuit of my Learning I have learned some wonderful lesson about human behavior as well as our approach to our life. I was reading […]

Why Personal Financial Planning is Necessary ? Really?

When I write some post on personal finance or financial planning then I am often asked by my friends, “Do you really think It’s necessary ?” Some of them tell me that, “Who knows whether we will live till 60s or 70s ! Don’t worry about that time. Enjoy this moment. ” Sometime I also […]

Why Real Estate Brokers will not Help You to Grab Best or More Price ?

  Once I was suggested a book named Freakonomics…! and I found that book and read it for sometime just for overview. I found one interesting thing there and writing this post on it. This is about hard fact about Real Estate Agents or Brokers. If you will sell your Asset, ever, through a broker […]

Practical and Working Passive Income Sources In India

I read one book in 2010 , “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which was clearly pointing out to increase your passive income source to be financially free. That book was written way back 1992, as far as I remember but It was a good book to understand the importance of Financial Freedom and the way financial […]

Why to Allocate Fund from Your Income To Buy 1 Book a Month !

I read a quote somewhere..! In your life, Only 2 things decides your destiny, and I believe that, One is surroundings(people, friends, relatives, family) in which you live and second is the books you read. You can pick any damn person who is successful, whom you respect, who is your role model or whom you […]

What I decided after watching the movie “One Idiot” ?

I have written my last blog post about why investment and saving is necessary and the same has been explained by a short movie “One Idiot” . I don’t know why but this movie has left a deep impact on me. I am 100% sure that saving and investment is utmost necessary, I should save, I should invest, my […]