dream-300x200I came across a very interesting story about someone and thought it would great to share it with you guys.

The story is of a young man who wanted to study filmmaking. When he revealed his dream to his dad, he immediately objected. “You will never succeed” his dad said.

The young man was very determined however and decided to study in film school. He strained his relationship with his dad and they hardly spoke with each other after that.

After graduating from film school he realized how difficult it was to get work as a filmmaker. He barely made ends meet and would help film crew to carry their equipment or help as an assistant editor in some small low budget films.

At this stage he got married to his college girl friend who always believed in his dream. She worked for a pharmaceutical company and helped support the both of them because the young man hardly made any money.

They soon raised a family and by now he started taking care of the house, cooking cleaning and taking care of their son while his wife worked and supported the family. The man was now pushing 30 without a job and still with a dream of one day being a filmmaker. His self-respect was hurt because he couldn’t provide for his family and was dependant on his wife even to take a bus.

He realized he had to give up on his dream so he started taking computer classes in order to eventually get a job. His wife got know about this and she just said one thing to him

“Don’t give up on your dreams. Everyone in this world is born with a gift and your gift is filmmaking. There are hundreds who good at computers and you’ll never be better than them”

Determined more than ever to stick to his dream things finally began to change for the man and one of his scripts got optioned by a major movie studio. He soon started making films and with every film he got better .

This man is now of the greatest filmmakers of all time having won the Oscar for Best Director twice and the only the asian to ever do so.

His name is Ang Lee.

Fuck The So called “Society” Off..!

It slaps on your face and Kicks on your Ass until you are struggling..!

Once It ends, you are a hero..!

Do What you love and Do What you Want..! Enjoy.

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