In this article I am going to explain some of the topics which I figured out when managing my team and putting it as topic wise DO’s and DON’TS. I am always care about my team members and look to their ease of work , and this is very important if you want to go far because online business is such a field in which employees are everything to you. But, sometimes it gives me dangerous feeling when I think about other options of treating them. 🙁 Forget it! Come to the point.

Business dos and donts

Here I am listing out those topics and it’s explanation.

#1 . Stick to your Goals :

This was the major problem with me when I started. Only in a year, I worked on 23 blogs and websites and 2 or 3 of them worked well at the end of the year. Means, only thing I want to tell is, when you start something just stick to your goals and focus on it only, because when you change your decision it not only affects you but it also affects your employees. Most probably, your employees are not vibrant enough to capture these changes and you expect them to adopt these changes as quickly you adopted it. So, it will create problem between you and your employees !! So, Just avoid it and don’t try it at home 😀

#2 . Focus on results, not on working procedure :

Sometimes, I become choosy when I want to get things done, Like I tell my team that, This task should be done in this manner only!! It’s kinda wrong! Sometimes your team may be having effective and good way to do that task, so don’t be bossy! From another point of view, Suppose you are having better way to do that task but you don’t tell your employees how to do it and let your employees do those task in their own ways. Ultimately, it develops the skills of your employee to think on their own and find best way to do work. In long term this practice will help you a lot. If you always tell them the way of doing task then they become lazy about their own thinking and will become dependent upon you, that’s not good for your long term business. You will only feel autocratic for sort time but it will be frustrating when you will be on holiday and you employee call you and ask “Sir, How to Fix this?” … Hmmm.. I dont Like it.. 🙂 I like those teams who can work without me 🙂

#3. Dont Expect, your Team knows as much you know :

See, When you start something, then its obvious that you have collected all the information related to it, you genuinely thought upon it and then you made a decision to start up with it. It means you know how to get these things done and how it works! But, When your employee enter you company, most probably he is not aware of all the things which should be done. In my case, I used to start explaining things as if I am talking to a person who knows as much as me,Its wrong !! You have to teach your employee from scratch, Like the concept, sales potential, working structure, business model, money model ETC. After discussion these things you can go ahead with technicalities. [Note: These all are for longterm business and employee who will retain with you] It will help to create base for your business in bottomline of your employee and because you explained him how it work, he will also think upon your business model and you may get some benefits from it.

This is all I wanted to discuss, I will add some more topics below soon. Please share your veiws on this topic.. What do you think?


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  1. thanks the information you share is very beneficiary for me….actually i m recently join a company…. and also you use very easy language which is understandable…thank u

  2. thanks the information you share is very beneficiary for me….actually i m recently join a company…. and also you use very easy language which is understandable…thank u

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