There are 2 types of Internet Citizens, often referred as Netizens. A large number of the netizens falls under the first category who consume the content available on the Internet. The minuscule number of people contribute to the net. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t consume.

Lately, I have started being more about how I consume Internet. Especially after I was allowed 1.5 GB of data daily. I had always had a guilt in me because I was always watching some YouTube Videos, Amazon Prime and some series or movies online and consuming more of junk than learning new things and contributing to the Internet.

Therefore, in attempt to control this consumption and to make sure that I contribute I prepared a small framework that I follow.



Few Don’ts:

These are the things I have been doing for a month now. New things are being added, few things are being filtered. It keeps evolving.

Feel free to share your internet consumption and let me know your say.


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