You might be a business person, a student or doing job. It’s for sure that everybody loves to be own boss and literally 9 to 5 Sucks!! :(. Many times I come across some people who are either working or they are the student. When I interact with them mostly all of them want to be entrepreneur or to do business. When I move ahead and ask them, “Which business you want to start? ” Then they say It’s yet to be decided !!!  Mostly Everybody are dreaming of, but only few of them take it into action. I met some sort of people who are afraid to take risk, for those here is one post To get hired and Not being fired from Job. 😉 …. Anyway, So I decided to write a comprehensive post which will give you some point to think upon it whether business is your cup of tea or not!Business

Here are some Good habit you need to develop to be successful business person, Which will benefit you in long-term. I prefer, you should read each topic and it’s explanation then think upon it properly. Reality is lot less sexier than it seems in Movie!

#1. They take initiative :

The real entrepreneurs are man of action. Many of dreamers are not able to work upon their ideas because They are not shaped to work independently and confidently. Some people always need support to do something. The businessmen are quite planner and they initiate their idea without any excuses. If you also want to start a business then you have to initiate your work towards your goal. If you are not taking initiative it means you are afraid of taking risk and That means, business is not your cup of Tea!

#2. They have Crystal Clear Milestones :

As I said earlier, They are good planners. They always analyze their goal and break that one main goal into some small milestones. So, After a good planning they only focus on a single milestone to work upon. As they start completing such milestones, they get self motivated and go on working steadily and regularly. These milestone may be in nature of work or in financial or monetary in nature. Because of some people do not plan their work and that’s why they can’t with same spirit as much they started with. So, If you are not a good planner, then business is not your cup of Tea!

#3. They always prioritize their tasks :

A true business person is always stay organized and work with priority. They always set priorities of their work in daily routine and work accordingly. Sometimes some start-ups becomes dead only because the person do not set priorities and work in unorganized environment, which literally drain your work efficiency and Finally it lead to work pressure! If you want to stay focus on your milestones without any distraction then you need to prioritize your tasks in your routine and work accordingly. If you can not follow your priority then it simple means  business is not your cup of Tea!

#4. They always create win-win situations :

A long-term planner always believe in maintaining relationships with investors, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. If you want to build trustful relationship then It’s necessarily that you create win-win situation in your deals, because in long term, this practices makes huge difference. You cant figure out the effect of this practice in short term, In fact, sometimes you may feel that this is making loss to you but believe me, It will work like a charm in long term. This nature of yours will create a trustful reputation which will facilitate you in your daily routine, any legal work and some other stuff. So, If you don’t have patience and you can see others are benefited then again, Business is not your Cup of Tea !

#5. Their Body Language communicate the most :

I have observed many people who are doing successful business, they are really really good at presenting themselves. When they talk with somebody, Their body language convey more meaning then their words. If you want to be successful then make sure that you are having pleasing personality and body language. Personality doesn’t mean rich clothing and costly gadgets. Personality means an skill to convince other without doing something except presenting yourself. So If you piss-off at personal meeting and you are boring then It’s for sure that, Business is not you Cup of Tea !

#6. They are creative and Innovative :

The most common thing you can find in successful people is, they are creative in nature. They always like to try new things, trying and experimenting new things is like their nature and they never fed up with it. If you are above 30-32 year then go back to your past and try to recall, which of your friend was  most creative or imaginative in your school day? Who used to make fun by creating new jokes and stories? who is always up for trying silly things?If you will recall then you will such person mostly at good position in business. The reason is, every time he is fascinated to try new things. He can not cop-up with some silly repetitive work. So, If you are not that much creative with your ideas then Better not to jump in business, because it’s not your cup of tea!

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This is all which I wanted to share with about the habits of a successful entrepreneur or business. Note that, Someone may find my language very rude! But I don’t mean that. I have used such language because It’s human nature that, we want some trigger to get on to work. So this sentence “So, Business is not your Cup of Tea !” is like a trigger. Take this in positive spirit.

If you think there are some other good habits of successful people then please share them in comments. Thanks.


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