#LearnEveryDay Mihir Naik
It’s been a while I have been on my blog. Procrastination was at it’s the best performance and it’s just now I thought of breaking the streak.

From today, I will do one post every day on my blog containing the things I read, watch and surf on the internet. I’m telling it publicly so that I will be forced to do it no matter what.

This move is influenced by one my mentor, whom I adore and respect, Mr. Charlie Munger. He has to say this on learning.

Charlie Munger Quote

I have thought on and off about publishing these stuff but I was always afraid of consistency and it made me refrain from posting. But, from today, I will post no matter what.

Coming back to the topic, I read and watch a lot of article, blogs, books, and videos on various topics. Primarily it will be on Self Development, Investing, Technology, Travel, Concurrency and few other off topics which I love to read sometimes.

I will be hashtagging it #LearnEveryDay and it will be published on my Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn feed.

Let’s see how it goes! You can expect the post around 10.30pm at night every day.

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