My SEO Frameworks

Over the years, I have distilled SEO knowledge into easily understandable bits. Here is my attempt to showcase how I think about SEO overall. 

Content SEO Framework

The journey from keyword research to receiving organic clicks is a daunting one.

I wasted countless hours over the years before it all came clear to me.

SEO made simple - high res

Technical SEO Framework

Thinking of a website from a Googlebot perspective is a good way to improve the chops.

Developing themes around Crawling, Indexing and Ranking could help you develop a coherent strategy.

Technical SEO Framework

Crawling Strategy Framework

The crawling gets messier with you merge with indexing, but this is a clear way to understand two main errors crawlers could have.

  • Undiscovered Pages
  • Crawl Budget Waste
Crawling Strategy - Technical SEO Framework

Indexing Strategy Framework

Combining Crawling and Indexing is not as complex as you think. It comes down to this handful of errors mainly.

Of course there are nuance to these, but solving these would put you in Top Quartile based on my experience.

Indexing Strategy Framwork LinkedIn

Role of Inhouse SEOs

When you go in-house, your mandate and your role expands, and a few other things become important to scale what you are doing. This is important because you won’t be able to do much alone yourself.

I focus a lot on building SEO practice that produces results, rather than only focusing on traffic improvements. This framework has proved to be beneficial in my career and hopes it helps you as well.

Role of Inhouse SEOs

The Impact on Organic CTR

We could arrive at the aggregate traffic by this simple equation, and then we can make our guesses as to what will happen to each data point.

The most important for me is CTR. I have seen this coming down over the last few years, and I expect it to be further down due to various reasons listed in the framework.

The impact on CTR

The Essential Skills for SEOs

Finding SEO issues is just the tip of the iceberg for SEO professionals’ overall skill requirements. 

Here is my simpler explanation of the skills needed by SEO professionals. It doesn’t matter if you are in-house, at an agency or a consultant.

SEO Skills

Google Search Console API x Python Video Tutorial Series

Easy, Simple and Understandable Approach to SEO Data Analysis through in-depth Video Tutorials.
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