I started an effort to post links of articles I read throughout the day every day. It was a #LearnEveryDay. We also created a WhatsApp group and it’s a group of like-minded people.  You can contact me if you want to be a part of the same!

I am incorporating a slight change, as posting every day was becoming a tedious and methodical task, from now on, I will be doing it every week. Most probably every Sundays.

There are several benefits.

When I look back to links I shared previously, even though none of them were nonsense, only 20-30% of them were extremely valuable. So when I will posting weekly links, I will be more careful.

I will keep accumulating articles in my notes, emails, watch later or OneNote, but I will post once a week! This will also help me de-clutter my FB, Twitter & LinkedIn feed. Because it was becoming less-welcoming to see the same kind of post every day!

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