Do you think your confidence will be stable even if you got rejected or fail ? According to me, Surely not ! See, This world is having various kinds of people with different thoughts, understanding, point of views and attitude, so due to these various combinations rejection is natural ! When we are in academic life we may get failure in our academic results or non-implementation of your small or large plan of study. When we enter practical life we may face failure or rejection may be in case of employment, business or micro-working. So Here, I am talking about, How you can handle that and go on working with the same spirit as you were working before.

Rejected iConHere I am pointing out some topics and narrative description to those topics, which will help us to overcome fear of rejection and will prepare to face the rejection or failure in life.

# 1. Weakness To Strength Conversion

I think, we everyone know this, but again, there is a big difference between knowing something and doing something :)! When we are rejected or fail its for sure that we lack something quality wise which is required. Now, First figure out our weaknesses and work upon it, a time will come when we will defeat your weaknesses.
Personally talking, when I entered online business, at the age of 19, I was not mature enough and I was not keeping my commitments, and because of this I lose my good amount of business, later on I realized that and I started spending my time to help people over the Internet which substantially increased my reputation and in return I got so many good deals referred by those personal whom I helped!

# 2. Never Justify Yourself to Others

As far as I know, In Indian society, We always look ourselves from other person’s eyes ! isn’t it? Anytime, we enter in race with any person on any topic only to prove ourselves superior and the same mentality is an obstacle here to great extent. Our failure or rejection hurt us not because we are rejected but mostly because everyone will know that we are rejected ! See, People just find topic to gossip on, and by taking these thing to our mind we can’t deal with ! According to me, we should ignore these things and literally focus on we can do now ? we should do now? what should be done at least ? When we will focus what we should do, this will automate us to learn from the failure and will keep it away from unnecessary gossips out there !

# 3. Expect the Unexpected

Another main reason of our disappointment of rejection or failure is our false exception towards the results ! Particularly, talking about business stuff, we might get some adverse results from which we falsely planned or some mismanagement, but I think there is no reason to do so, because what we got is result of something which we done sometimes back :). The only way I found to correct it is, Always live in present, Do our present work by giving 100% which will not disappoint us in the future, after all what we are getting today is the result of work done in the past !

# 4. Always Learn From Rejection

When I was a child, For the first time, I wore red glasses and I asked my mother why everything is looking red ? My mother replied, it is because of the layer lying over your eyes, but another wonderful thing which added is that, “The same layer is there over our mind, you can change the color of that layer and you will see the world and think about the world in that color.” When I was in 12th, in business administration I learned a topic called “Optimum use of resources”, When I took these 2 things from my life, I can clearly make out that, rejection is resource for me and my attitude towards the rejection is the color of that glass. From which color the rejection should be seen is in our hands. The only thing I want to say is, Just use the rejection to learn something and correct our mistake, there is no reason to got disappointed and react on silly things.

This is all about I wanted to say, Some talks is off the topics also but what came to mind  I directly written to it, nothing else.

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