My CA Final November 2014 exams ended on 21st November and I planned a short trip to nearby places. I am actually preparing for Trip to Goa by Road so this was a kind of warm-up trip having 300 Kms each day.

One more thing is, I bought Riding Jacket and Riding Boots for better safety so I wanted to check whether I feel comfortable riding my motorcycle or not. For that, short but long trip must be there to check out all the issue. 😀

Shirdi Route is combination of all type of roads. 😀 Hills, Cities, Villages, Roads with Patches, No Roads (Sometimes) and so on. So the trip was very good in experience. 🙂

Here, I am sharing some images taken on route, route map, my luggage and my expenses.

If you have questions then you can ask me in comments. 🙂

Images :

Somewhere in Waghai 1st Day
10 Mins Break at Waghai 1st Day


At Saputara 1st Day
Somewhere on the way to Vani 1st Day
Morning(Leaving Shirdi) @ Hotel 2nd Day
This is something you should not miss while you are in Maharastra. > Pakoda made of Onion and Spinach served with Fried Green Chillies.
Way to Nashik from Shirdi
Near Nashik 2nd Day
Somewhere between Nashik – Vani
Lunch Break of 45 Mins Between Nashik & Vani
Misal Pav is a Maharastrian Dish. Give it a Shot 🙂
Lunch Finished | Notes Completed | Ready to Head Saputara
Somewhere Between Vani to Saputara (Alternate Road)
Somewhere between Vani to Saputara (Alternate Road)

Remote Village near Saputara but in Maharastra
Surprise pose in this wonderful lanscape
farmer !
The End!

Route Map :

Luggage you are carrying and packing you have done is one of the crucial matter affecting your experience of travel, be it by any mode of travel. So make it as light as possible.

What was in my Bag ?

What was there with me?

 How much I spent ?

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