best-places-to-travel-aloneI believe, Ramayana and Mahabharata are 2 epics,  teach us some important things about life.

Like, how worst the situation can be ? how to handle that ? the expertise one can get in a particular field ? how a focus should be ? and much much more..!

I don’t know about other things but One thing of which I am sure of is, Traveling. I am fond of traveling and every now and then I have been advocating for traveling, mostly road trips. 

Ram had traveled for 14 years before becoming a King and he conveyed the message that we also should travel the world before we get into something serious. 😛 Well, I can’t go deep in this but, I think, each and everyone should travel.

Note: I am not talking about 3-4 days trip to a previously booked wonderful resort and preplanned cabs, dinner and some adventure sports there..! Of-course, some of you may be happy with these but I am not..! Why? Because It doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone..!

When you travel around, 1st and foremost thing is that, you come out of your comfort zone. Take a long break and go on unplanned travel with least cloths and luggage. These all things really helps you to get mixed with local people, you will come to know about their culture, thinking, habits, likelihood and most importantly communication skills.

Till now, We believed in traveling we mostly interact with outer world, but my experience is that, when we travel, we interact more with ourselves than we are in comfort zone.

You will be sharing your things in the journey with the people you come across, you will feel that the world is not that bad that we see in news and newspaper..! 😛

So, ultimate thing is you should travel… a lot..! 🙂

These all things might seem funny to you..! But these is how travel should be..! At-least I think 😛

And, a Myth busted here is, Travel doesn’t cost too much 😛

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