If you are passionate about running your own business with new ideas instead of one 9-5 job with repetitive work, then you might need some things to know.  One thing is clear that the only thing which differs the class(in term of money), lifestyle, habits, position and mentality is thinking of a particular person. Sometime we think that, how the successful Business Men, General Managers or Entrepreneur think? What is the thinking level of those people ? The simple answers which I would like to give in my thinking is pointed and explained below. I am not pointing out what they do, because I am also seeking for it, But I have figured out some points which they do not do at all in their schedule or life.  So carry on….

how businessmen think

# 1 : They do not cheat themselves :

I have referred some books on Entrepreneurship and management, and I found that they do not cheat their own thinking. Once they know their weakness, then they always try to face them and not to hide them. Sometimes we may come into such situation where you will be having choice between your own thinking path and another side lot of bucks, In this situation successful people has always chosen the first path, it means they followed their thinking. In short, they do have control over the greed of money.

#2 : They Never compare, Thinking is Unique tool :

Many times we go into business to compete with someone in term of money. They never do such things. They always stay focused on what they should do and not what others are doing. I have seen some of my friends who always dream about doing business to earn lots of money in one night. They always look at one entrepreneur or business person, follow his style, clothing, gadgets etc and they try to evaluate themselves among friends as if he is an entrepreneur. My simple suggestion(Not an advice) to all those who have developed such mentality is that, they are living this lifestyle because they are entrepreneurs; they are not entrepreneurs because they are following this lifestyle. ….. As simple as that !

#3 : They do not “Blah.. Blah.. Blah..”:

Many times, we have come across these people and we found them lonely, not much talkative and enjoying themselves. They do not tends to show off what they are thinking of, or what they are doing. I remember one sentence, which my father told me before 2 years, when I was bosting for one business proposal or for some academics plan, at that time he told me, Sometimes It may happen that people may not believe what you are saying, But There will be no chance of “Believe it or not” , If you are doing(Instead of Speaking) it.” I didn’t find this advice that much helpful before 2 years ago, but today it carries tonnes of weight. 9:)

#4 : No time for Time-Pass :

This point is which makes big difference between our productivity and their productivity. We sometimes feel tired and play some games, gossip with friends etc, simply we kill the time. They do not do this. They always work upon to do lists and priorities of work. They make habit of manage small amount of time in most productive way. And sometimes they feel motivated when they use such time and increase their confidence. Otherwise to keep up the same level of spirit throughout is a big deal, and specially when he is flying solo in start-ups. 🙂

#5 : They do not multitask (Usually) :

This is a last topic but not the least, Usually we pretend to show our self “Busy” by doing multitask. But, productive people thinks that, multitasking is for quantitative work and not for qualitative work. Because Qualitative work always demands brainstorming and thinking. So one can’t thinking on multiple issue at a time, so never try to show off as you are busy, it depicts that, you have enough time to show-off you busyness and think upon such things. #fail 🙂

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