good readsI read a quote somewhere..! In your life, Only 2 things decides your destiny, and I believe that, One is surroundings(people, friends, relatives, family) in which you live and second is the books you read. You can pick any damn person who is successful, whom you respect, who is your role model or whom you are impressed with. You will observe that, the field might be different but 1 quality of those people will be same and that is, Hunger for Learning Things. They are hard core readers, It’s not that They are inborn readers or they are passionate about reading. Many of them might developed a habit of reading books, even if they don’t like reading.

I was talking with one of my friend about the same and this idea came to my mind. I also read a Gujarati Comprehension of Life’s Little Instruction Book. The book was about, A father gives some advice to his son in one liner. In that book, A line was, “Even if you think, You will not be able to read the book, then also buy good books and have in your home.” So, It gave me some sort of inspiration to have good books in my home.

Some time my materialistic mind says Why to buy books If I can get is from Library and Read it ? Why to spend money after that ? But, It makes a difference. When you re-read the book It gives you a new idea. Sometimes, When I am free, I end up watching videos on YouTube or some programs on Television and After wasting those hour I find it useless, Instead I could have read some good books. So, When you have some books on your shelf and you have paid for it, You at-least give it a try..! Why..? Because you have paid for … ! 😛

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Talking about my personal experience, I have purchased few books. One of them is, Stay Hungary Stay Foolish .! I read this book way back in 2010. It was a nice book and I felt motivated by reading story of those entrepreneurs and I also fantasized  about being an entrepreneur and matter was closed after few weeks.. 😛 But When I again picked up nearly after 2 years few months back, It was totally a different perspective while reading that book. It was not a kind of fantasy of being an entrepreneur but it was an utter inspiration. I was just observing the state of mind of those entrepreneur when they were in bad times and so many other things. So, The point here I am trying to make is, It’s always better to invest in some good books because ultimately you are redirecting these investment into your self by reading those books and once someone said,

“No Investment gives more return than Investing in own self “

So, Here was just a piece of suggestion from my side..!

All the leaders in the world are basically hardcore readers..! 🙂

Enjoy Reading.!

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