Life is easier enjoy itI remember, I learned a method in maths..! called “Elimination Method” to solve liner equation..! Don’t you think the same apply to us also ? Everybody is searching for happiness, money and status..! I think, better way to get it is to Eliminate the things which kill them. As simple as that. Keep it simple.

I read somewhere, Like, “The man who wanted to know where he was going to die so he never went there.” It’s called the idea of “Inversion” as well.

It is the distractions, disturbances, problems, times wasters and imitation which is holding us back from creating things..!

So, Idea here is, Clear the distractions..! Time Wasters..! Use Brains..! Don’t Follow..! Try to create and not replicate..! It’s a process which takes time..! Don’t fantasize , Implement it..! Know your Limits..! Be in Control..!

Enjoy..! 🙂 Good Morning !

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