I was attending one seminar called Professional Insights and I was introduced to a whole new concept of living in gratitude and happily. That is Your Turn Now. Does it happen to you, that on public places you want to help somebody or help somebody and feel great ? For sometime you think that, This is the meaning of Life? This is how all people should behave and interact? Yes ??

I don’t know about you..! But I know when I help somebody then the whole day a smile stay on my face and I become joyful. It feels great to me.

Here, A Person named , Rushabh Turakhia has started a movement called Your Turn Now.

Someone did a little nameless act of
kindness that touched your heart.
It’s ‘Your Turn Now’ to multiply this feeling.
Be there for someone and pass on this card.

How It works?

Suppose, You are walking on the road and You see a person who is sadly sitting on the roadside. He looks well educated and in proper dress code. He looks like a gentleman but so sad. You gently ask him, “What Happend ? ” and He tells you that “He has been robbed, No Wallet, No Cellphone,Β  and he has no money to go to home.” In this situation you give me few bucks to reach home and He is so thankful that you helped him, and he asks you your address to send the money back to you. and You will give him a card and will say that, I helped you and Now It’s your turn to help somebody in need. πŸ™‚

By doing the same, One day the same help will support you when you will be in need..! The same has been explained in this video.

Did you observed ? What happened in this video is, The person who got water in last, have helped that boy who was skating and fell down ! Ultimately, If he would not have helped that boy then the series of these might not take palace and he might not get water πŸ™‚

Here is the website of this initiative, Your Turn Now Website . If you want to connect with such kind of people who believe in helping others then they also created a “Your Turn Now Facebook Group“. If you want to order those cards, So that you can give it to somebody whom you help then you can order it from website for free. πŸ™‚

So, It your turn now to share this πŸ™‚

Share and Comment..! Feel free…! πŸ™‚

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