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Your Google Search Console API Consultant

I help you make money using your GSC data in creative ways.

Why should you use GSC API?

Unlimited Rows of Data

Don't stop at 25k rows of data. Export theoretically unlimited data using the power of python and GSC API.

Data Manipulation

Convert the rows of GSC data into Pandas Dataframe so it could be manipulated and used for analysis.

Data Visulization

Plot the graphs that are not available in Google Search Console. Helps with unique insights not available to your competitors.

More Dimensions & Metrics

Create new dimensions and metrics that are not possible in a normal GSC view. Unlock invaluable insights.

Custom Query & Classifications

Build segments and classify any dimension with flexibility. Allows bespoke analysis, and reporting not available before.

Saving the Data forever

Stop losing data over the Last 16 months. Save it for future and better historical analysis.

How can I help?

GSC API Training

Training your internal team of Technical SEOs, Data Analysis and SEOs on how to use GSC API for analysis, reporting and results. page 2 page 3 page 4

Data Visualizations

Provide out of the box scripts for visualizations that can help you business from get go.

Product SEO Suggestions

Sharing strategic recommendations on using GSC data with your existing product to improve business results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I am open to consult and support agencies to better utilize GSC data using API.

These implementations are more suitable for businesses having large websites and or complex reporting needs. Often, due to multiple websites and CMS integrations, the reporting becomes an issue, and it’s hard to do.

If you are a website with thousands and millions of pages, you have a gold mine. You should extract this data and manipulate it better for insights.

If you are a SaaS company, then GSC data could help you understand search demand. Classifying it further down by topics could help you identify the topic better.

For large businesses, you can make SEO-related decisions/improvements using this data itself. I can explain more how I have done it in the past.

Using Google Search Console API is free. The cost depends on what you want to do.

  • GSC API Training starts from $2499
  • Consulting starts from $1999 per project.
  • Advanced visualizations and data manipulations will be charged separately.

Let’s get on a call to understand the needs and I can give a quote.