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Google Search Console API Guide

I am working on a video tutorial series explaining how to use Google Search Console API using Python.

We will be exploring use-cases like 

  • Building CTR Curve
  • Data Exploration
  • Content Optimization

Stay tuned!

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Why Mihir Naik as Your SEO Consultant?

68% of the online experiences begin with search engines. 92% of the global traffic comes from Google. It has the potential to affect your business and profits, if not done right.

If organic traffic is bringing revenue for your brand, then at some point, you will need help with SEO. Whether it will be a website redesign or ongoing marketing efforts.

Within my 5+ years of experience, I have a ton of horror stories when it comes to SEO, and most likely you are aware of them too.

My point is, why hire an experienced SEO Consultant, later on, to deal with sub-par SEO work when you can get it right the first time?

Based in Toronto, I have accomplished SEO projects for startups, e-commerce businesses, marketplaces, Not for profits, enterprise brands, and small businesses.

The marketing agencies work with me on an on-going basis to stay up to date with the most recent SEO processes to serve their clients.

When I work with you, you accrue all the skills and experience I was able to get over the years by making mistakes and learning from them.

Additionally, I’m a good communicator, reliable, punctual, pro-active, strategic, and happy to own the project myself or manage or collaborate with wider teams.

If we are compatible with each other, then I want to work with you for the long-term making sure it’s a win-win deal for both of us.

SEO is not “work” to me, SEO is what I’m passionate about. This is what I do day-in day-out. Whether I’m paid for it or not.

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Working with Mihir is a great experience. He is knowledgeable and a problem-solver, he takes lots of information into account and can provide a real 360 degree view on an issue, with SEO being so complex it is great to have someone that can trust to always see the whole picture.

The results quickly follow once Mihir is assigned a project, I see it as all being connected to being able to see the whole picture and know where to put the focus and what to do to get the results wanted.

Mihir and I have become good friends while working together and on a personal note, I am very happy to have such an awesome friend in my life.
Chaim David Mazor
CEO, CD Web Marketing
I’ve been fortunate to have Mihir on my team for over a year now. The impact he has made in that year has been incredible, working across multiple teams and stakeholders to drive change and implementing strategies that drive both short and long term growth.

Mihir is an SEO master, but always challenging himself to learn more, and sharing his learnings in creative ways.

He is also a wonderful human being who is always ready to pitch in and help others, fun to work with and huge asset to our team!
Christy Varicat
Director, Enterprise Digital Marketing, Scotiabank
Mihir's knowledge of SEO positions him as an industry leader. He offers helpful, expert advice in a way that's easy to implement and produce results. I know how quickly the world of SEO changes and am confident that Mihir remains current on the latest trends. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for better Google results!
Sarah McKenzie
Owner, Sarah McKenzie Copywriting
Mihir is extremely knowledgeable in SEO and all aspects of building a small business website. He gave me a thorough walk-through of the web building strategy and gave me actionable advice on ways to improve my website ranking. He is quick to understand my needs as a small business manager and quick to learn the industry (beauty), I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their website and SEO!
Jenny Fang
Owner, Fusion Med

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