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Google Search Console API x Python Video Tutorial Series

Easy, Simple and Understandable Approach to SEO Data Analysis through in-depth Video Tutorials.
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SearchBlend AI

My first attempt of building a full web-app in Flask. Uses user’s APIs to perform basic tasks like fetching PAA using ValueSERP API, creating Outlines and writing Articles using Open AI API.

searchblend ai

People Also Ask Tool

My first attempt at building a  Streamlit app that fetches PAA using ValueSERP API. After this I built SearchBlend AI.

PAA Tool

My SEO Frameworks

Visualizing complex SEO processes in a simplified way so important stakeholders could easily grasp what SEOs do.

Technical SEO Framework

Useful APIs

Envisioning a single API with multiple endpoints that does most frequently used SEO tasks.

Useful APIs

Consulting Services

SEO Strategy​

I work with brands to develop and implement SEO Strategies. I tend to qualify clients based on their availability resources and expectations from the channel. Let's see if we are the right fit.

Google Search Console API

GSC data is a gold mine! Make the best use of GSC Data.  I will work with you to understand your use case and suggest how you can best extract insights, build visualizations, and develop Project Led SEO strategy recommendations.

Custom Python Scripts

With my limited skills, I will help you transform your idea into reality with the help of python script. I haven't provided this service yet, but I am willing to expand on this.

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