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Why did I start this newsletter?

I started learning programming so I could automate parts of my SEO day to day workflows.

Largely those tasks fall into one of these three categories:

  • Finding Actionable SEO Insights (KW Research, Content Optimization, Internal Linking)
  • Measuring the impact of SEO Changes/Implementations
  • Building Regular SEO Reporting

I am more efficient, and my decision making has improved a lot so I thought you could shorten your journey of acquiring these skills, so here I’m sharing what I have been doing in Automating parts of my workflow.

Who can this be useful for?

If your day to day involve hands-on SEO work, then you will find this meaningful. You could be a beginner, mid-level SEO practitioner or you can be experienced SEO practitioner.

I think there is something for everyone here.

How Many people have joined so far?

As on 27th Feb 2024, 850 people have joined to learn SEO Automation.

substack subscribers

How can you contribute?

You could leave a comment here on the post about what would you like to learn/see here. I will try to make a script and video for the same and I will share.

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