Accessing Google Search Console API using Python

  • Get started with GSC API using ready python scripts.
  • Develop full understanding with clear explanations.
  • Uncover 25k+ rows with few lines of code.
  • Data Visualizations never seen before.
  • Continuous addition of scripts(hopefully!)
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Upcoming Topics

  • Accessing Unlimited Rows of Google Search Console data from Last 16 months
  • Unique Keywords Ranking
  • Unique URLs Ranking
  • Unique Query Count by Page
  • CTR Curve
  • Branded vs Non-branded Clicks & Impressions
  • Keywords in GSC Impressions but missing from Page 

Video Tutorial Series

1. Basics of GSC API : GCP Project Setup, Authorization, Fetching the Data

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2. Accessing Last 16 Months of Data & Using Dimension Filters

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3. GSC Visualizations : Unique Keywords & URLs Ranking

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What this project is all about?

I have personally gotten frustrated a lot with understanding different pieces like Google Developer Console, Cloud Projects, Google Search Console API, Request Body, Authentication, Authorization, learning python and much more!

These challenges made me spend more time on figuring out how to access the GSC data, and less time on creative problem-solving I could do using this data.

I am sure, you are also likely facing similar struggles.

I truly believe you should be armed with easy access to Google Search Console data so that you can use it the way you like in your analysis, discovery and soluting.

  • If you are a beginner at learning GSC API.
  • You want to access GSC API but you find it too complex. 
  • You know the limitation of GSC UI and/or Data Studio. 
  • You want to access more than 25k rows of data.
  • You want to learn to build visualizations on top of GSC data.

If you already know how to connect to GSC API and make calls with pagination then you won’t find this useful. In this case, you should look for other available resources. 

I am not going to explain a secret, this is just my attempt to simply and make it more understandable so it can be widely used.

This guide will help you: 

  • explain the needed python code so you could use GSC API using Google Colab
  • explain how to do authentication and authorization
  • connect to Google Search Console API
  • Access the data from more than 25000 rows(theoretically unlimited!)
  • build pandas data frame so you could manipulate it

I am not sure if this will be completely free. I am seeing this in two phases.  

Phase 1:

The part where you learn to operate GSC API using basic concepts of python will be free.

Also because there are already tutorials available on the web. I am just attempting to simple explanation here.

Phase 2:

If I add more advanced scripts going forward, then I might charge for that.

We will see I haven’t thought about it much, but I plan to monetize this initiative in future for sure.

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13 Responses

  1. Hi.

    I am deeply interested in becoming a part of this.

    I would also suggest adding API to:

    1 – Compare brand VS non brand query trends

    2 – page level query trends over time

    3 – page level query trends for too 20 position over last 16 months (or since GSC was active.

  2. I know there´s a few working scripts out there that leverage the benefits of the GSC API integration but one of my biggest pain points is despite all that documentation I haven´t been able to troubleshoot some issues with the API (not the script).

    1. I understand, that’s exactly why I thought to make this video series. Honestly, I was in the same place as you but I figure it out. I think I can save countless hours if everyone knows how to do it easily, in one go.

  3. M also SEO guy, i went through ur Api, i will love to learn more about it. So can u help me regarding same?

  4. Hi,
    I’m always struggling with authentication.
    Further I’d like to know of it’s possible to easily compare metrics across different properties.


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